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City Gate Summer Programs

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  • Gateway to Growth Program at the Merrick Center
  • C3 (College, Credential, Careers) at Hart Middle School
  • Richardson Dwellings
  • Overland Gardens
For the Gateway to Growth Program -
our registration will be complete when you sign and return
these forms accompanied by a one time $25 Registration Fee
to secure your child's position.

Popular ProgramsBy City Gate

City Gate is best known for excellent out-of-school time programs for undeserved children and youth in the District of Columbia. Free after school and summer day camps are provided at public schools, a community center, and community rooms in public housing. Daily meals are provided at several sites, along with parenting and adult education programs. Read More
Urban Hands - Every year mission groups from far and near come to our nation's capital to work with City Gate on projects large and small. These HANDS serve inner city children, youth, families, and others in need through afterschool enrichment, vacation bible schools, block parties, concerts, sports clinics, literacy, and maintenance or construction projects. Read More
Caterpillar Preschool - We offer both a French and Spanish language immersion half day program for children ages 2.5-5. You may choose to enroll your child for one week or up to 6 weeks of camp in either the French or Spanish language program. Our language speakers will create authentic learning experiences both in and out of the classroom for your children to learn naturally. Read More
English Classes - .Open and welcoming environment for internationals and recent immigrants Immigrants who speak English earn almost twice as much as those who do not77% of English-speaking refugees are employed, as opposed to 26% of non-English-speakingThe number of those with "limited English proficiency" has increased by 80% from 1990–2000 Read More
Contemporary Mission
From Historic Church

About City GateUrban Ministry

City Gate was formed in October 2001 at the heart of downtown Washington, in the shadow of the Chinatown arch then under construction, and historic Calvary Baptist Church where City Gate began as a collection of urban ministries.

Read More

  • The Merrick Center

    Our 21st Century Community Learning Center in Ward 8 provides year-round academic enrichment for 100 children and youth from kindergarten through high school, plus other fun and engaging activities, and parent engagement.
  • Chesapeake

    At Chesapeake we partner with Vesta Corporation to run a computer lab and learning center for children and adult residents of the Village at Chesapeake. Chesapeake is also a satellite location for our 21st Century program at the Merrick Center.
  • Overland Gardens

    City Gate runs summer camp and after school programs for elementary and middle school children at this Prince George’s subsidized housing complex with over 300 units in the high-needs neighborhood of Kentlands.
  • Alafia

    A small Nigerian ethnic church on the Maryland side of Eastern Avenue became our first Prince George’s site in January 2012, providing out-of-school and community services to a diverse mix of Asian, African, and Latino families in Mt Rainier
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